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Looking to buy a 3pin CDI+ for my 911G 74 SC Targa

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I have old CDI unit and my RPM needle is bouncy at idle and more bouncy at speed/movement... I suspect the CDI unit as it's old, but my attention is also to the coil. When I bought the car it had a black BOSCH coil worked fine, but wanted to replace it with anew on. So bought a Sliver BOSCH from rosepassion. This was 1,5years ago. After a drive 300km the RPM needle started to act funny / bouncy. Got home. Next it was fine again, but start to bouncy some days later and now it's not stopping. Car feels tired....

So my question. Which coil is the best with this CDI+ unit. I want the best for my 911.

I found this one from Perma tune: https://www.hovwdiaudi.dk/product/?id=1691600500&cbrand=porsche&cmodel=911/930

And there is a black BOSCH and a SILVER - Which is the best and give the best spark.


Thanks in advance.

Best regards


Peter Henry Andersen



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Hi Peter

Bouncing tach needle is often a sign of a failing voltage regulator so check that out.

We've tried all sorts of coils with our CDI+ and the original is currently the best. So you might find that old black coil and refit it. Silver coils are not good. I could tell you a few stories about aftermarket vendors but let's just say the only way forward for us was to make our own unit, which we have done.

The good news is that we have several brand new Classic Retrofit prototype coils in test with engine builders in the UK and US and we are also running a prototype coil on our own car. Handbuilt to a very detailed specification, it comfortably outperforms everything else. We expect a product launch in Q2 2021, subject to more testing hours clocked up in the interim.

Next week's video will give a look at the coil - watch out for that!

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