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  1. ok, I fitted the CDI+. 5 minute job. Car still works ๐Ÿ™‚ Starts, drives, idles - all perfect. Plug and play. Hardest part was to verify timing before and after, that took most of the about 5 minutes it took me to fit the CDI+. I am not ready to explore the advanced functions - need to book a dyno to get real feedback. Very happy with the result right now. Fuse panels next ......
  2. thanks - yes, I was thinking similar. I will report back, for sure, but the idea is really to use the 123 'flat' and do all my timing in the CDI+. It all stems from that I could not see a way to lock the advance on the early/old/mid year dizzy, and I did not want to take my working dizzy I just bought apart and maybe stuff it up. Could not get hold of my old, broken one that my mechanic replaced a few months ago to play with the innards. cant wait for x-mas when my CDI+ box will be under the tree.... ๐Ÿ™‚
  3. so - using the CDI+ and the 123 - whats is more successful, flat curve on the CDI+ or on the 123? they are both very capable, - i got the 123 to loose the points and not have to worry about the centrifugal advance sticking or as in my case mot being able to lock it and take advantage of the CDI+ Set me right, please ๐Ÿ™‚
  4. Of course it is!๐Ÿ˜‡ - xmas cant come soon enough, so I can fit it! Any suggestions how to disable the centrifugal advance on a 74 911, the old style distributor? As I understand it the suggested method, and locking collar only works on the later ones....
  5. I had a very similar experience, car ran fine, then suddenly lack of power and tacho needle all over the place. Searched for electrical faults, swapped CDI, no help. Then my mechanic had a feel of the distributor button - the bearing was worn, causing the cam to wobble, causing irregular sparks. New old dizzy fixed this! Still upgrading to the CDI+ though, so many advantages, and how long will my original CDI last.....?
  6. the round relay replacements sound VERY interesting ... hope they come out soon(ish)
  7. Very interesting - and informative. Funny enough, I too have a 1974 Targa - and will order the CDI+ very soon (my wife has generously 'forced' me to order it as my X-mas present). I have an idle issue that I believe may be related to the Distributor advance. Using the CDI+ it may (or may not) fix this, if I disable the mechanical advance. And I cant wait to enjoy all the other benefits and adjustments! P.S. getting the Fusebox(es) as well - Go Combo Deal :)
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