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  1. Of course it is!­čśç - xmas cant come soon enough, so I can fit it! Any suggestions how to disable the centrifugal advance on a 74 911, the old style distributor? As I understand it the suggested method, and locking collar only works on the later ones....
  2. I had a very similar experience, car ran fine, then suddenly lack of power and tacho needle all over the place. Searched for electrical faults, swapped CDI, no help. Then my mechanic had a feel of the distributor button - the bearing was worn, causing the cam to wobble, causing irregular sparks. New old dizzy fixed this! Still upgrading to the CDI+ though, so many advantages, and how long will my original CDI last.....?
  3. the round relay replacements sound VERY interesting ... hope they come out soon(ish)
  4. Very interesting - and informative. Funny enough, I too have a 1974 Targa - and will order the CDI+ very soon (my wife has generously 'forced' me to order it as my X-mas present). I have an idle issue that I believe may be related to the Distributor advance. Using the CDI+ it may (or may not) fix this, if I disable the mechanical advance. And I cant wait to enjoy all the other benefits and adjustments! P.S. getting the Fusebox(es) as well - Go Combo Deal :)
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