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  1. New products are always in development here at Classic Retrofit HQ, and we also like to keep improving our existing product lines. Currently in R&D is an upgraded blower unit for our electric air conditioning system. The new blower is being tested alongside an upgraded evaporator unit in our Porsche 911 SC test and development car. Using the same end caps as our existing blower unit, the body of the upgraded blower is just 10mm wider and only slightly taller to accommodate a much more powerful fan unit: the same one used in our electric air conditioning system for the Singer DLS. We're also testing a new and improved evaporator. Denso has upgraded the previous part with the latest heat transfer technology, making it shallower while maintaining the same heat transfer capacity. Because the new part is slimmer than the previous model, it allows a higher throughput of air, which amplifies the effect of more airflow using the new fan. Another big advantage of the new evaporator is connections on the right hand side of the unit, which is perfect for those driving cars with a brake servo on the left. Left-hand-drive 911s make up the majority of Classic Retrofit installations, so we're delighted with the additional gain of a small improvement in ease of installation. Tested in our SC on some of the hottest UK days of 2022 so far, the new parts continue to deliver near-zero degrees at the vents, when combined with our twin condenser A/C system and upgraded alternator. We've also been testing an alternative compressor (above), which the manufacturer claims is slightly quieter. So far the difference is not obvious, but all testing is worthwhile to keep our electric A/C system at the top of the list of desirable upgrades on vintage air-cooled Porsches. No launch date has been set for systems featuring the new components but current schedules suggest we may see the next-gen parts unveiled in late 2022.
  2. Hi Hannu I think by CRF you mean Classic Retrofit? Had me confused there for a sec. Jonny says: "There is enough clearance around the engine fan for the alt to get air so vents are a nice to have. I have been told these alts run unvented in Baja racing. Six phase generates less heat than 3 phase." Hope this answers your question!
  3. HI Hannu If this is a half kit using the standard smuggler's box evaporator then yes, same amount extra. Thanks!
  4. In the wheelarch is a good place for it 👍🏻
  5. Another video install of the Classic Retrofit Electric Air conditioning system for the Porsche 964 has just gone live on Youtube. This time, it's the Driftworks RWB Porsche 964 Turbo getting the treatment, with Phil and Jay doing things properly by unpacking the kit and reading the manual first, then carefully following the instructions and fitting the various parts methodically, with a little bit of bespoke tailoring along the way to suit their unique application. The installation concludes with the duo gassing the system for themselves and having a trouble-free fire up, with super-cold vent temps from the start using the dual condenser system. It is usually the case that if a customer encounters issues on fitment and fire up, then the manual has not been followed correctly. Our systems for classic 911 models and 964/993 models with or without factory air conditioning are well and truly proven and the accompanying manuals give detailed breakdowns of every process required when installing one of our air conditioning systems. We supply our kits as kits for a reason; every piece is designed to work seamlessly with every other piece, to fire up first time and to deliver many years of reliable service. It does happen that sometimes customers wish to change various elements to suit a non-standard application and if it is just bracketry and component positioning then that is OK. More detailed reimaginings are not guaranteed by us and often lead to extra cost in diagnostic time to solve technical issues. Kudos to Driftworks for a really great video that accurately portrays the install procedure and how easily the system should work straight out of the box when fitted correctly. While Phil's 911 is a factory A/C car and our system is designed to work fine with factory air con cars, installers may be even happier when a 964 or 993 does not have factory air con, as there is less work for the owner or installer to do, with no heavy old lines to remove and no engine drop to remove the factory air con compressor bracket.
  6. Proving that the Classic Retrofit electric air conditioning system is not just for Porsche 911s, we were delighted to commission an Electrocooler system into this 1967 Aston Martin DB6 last week. Built for the Carrera Panamericana, the famous Mexican endurance road rally, where it would compete in the Historic B class, the car has been a labour of love. From aluminium aviation air vents anodised in black, through the engraved instrumentation labels remade to look original to hand painted details on the bodywork, the depth of detail on this build is super impressive. The electric A/C compressor is carefully tucked under the nearside front wing, leaving plenty of space in the engine bay so that the team can access the engine for servicing. The engine bay also features electric power steering and an upgraded alternator: junking the original mechanical power steering and air conditioning systems have saved a lot of weight from the Superleggera chassis. The car runs custom Quantum suspension springs and dampers. The current engine spec built by JMB has Jenvey throttle bodies, fast road Piper camshafts and an Emerald M3D ECU, delivering 300bhp at the rear wheels and an impressively flat torque curve. The team is now moving up to race cam development so watch this space for more. It will be interesting to learn how well the A/C performs in Mexican racing, where ambient temps can reach 40 degrees Celsius as the rally climbs to over 3000 metres. Experience with other race cars in similar temperatures suggests all will be well - we're excited for the feedback.
  7. Sorry to hear this - we bench test every single box before shipping so it should be fully operational. Warranty would be a full refund on receipt of the unit: we will refund your shipping if the unit is faulty. You can organise a return via an email to Jonny at info@classicretrofit.com. So the first thing to check in this installation would be the distributor signal. Check the light on the front of the unit is flashing when you crank the engine.
  8. Hi Julian, thanks for the question and for fitting the kit. We would love to see some pics of your install if possible - always so interesting. Regards gas levels, the recommendation from Jonny is ~600g for a single condenser. Add 50g for second unit. Hoses don’t add much volume. Best wishes with the first fire up!
  9. Hi Laurent, this is great news! Let us know if there is anything else we can help you with.
  10. Hi Laurent Have replied to your email but for the benefit of future readers: This sounds like an issue with the coil. Having a spare coil that could be tested - or having a local specialist with a known good coil is a useful tool here. Coil issues can be disguised by inefficient older boxes but, when asked to perform properly by CDI+, tired coils can struggle. Our CDI+ is a dual-spark unit. What may be happening here is the coil struggling to fully recharge between the two sparks. You can use the software to make the spark interval a bit longer - default is 400m/s but it is possible to take it to 500m/s and try that. Turbos are starting to build boost pressure and therefore cylinder pressure around 3-3500rpm and the pressure can make a weak spark struggle a bit.
  11. Hi thisisgoodnews! We use Littelfuse ATO fuses - a Google will bring up a ton of suppliers. Let us know if you have any problems!
  12. We're delighted to be back on Discovery television in the brand-new series of Vintage Voltage, where classic cars are converted to electric classic cars. Episode 1 of Series 2 details the conversion of a classic Porsche 911 to a full electric vehicle. The technical package includes our classic EV A/C air conditioning system. New product developments subsequent to the filming of this conversion included the final prototyping and launch of our ceramic heater blocks for electric vehicle conversions. There has been huge interest in this system rom both classic and modern converters and we've been shipping kits all over the world including to suppliers in some of the warmest parts of America, where there is still a strong demand for in-car heating, despite the perception of a permanently warm climate. Take a look at the preview clip of classic car EV programme - Vintage Voltage Series 2 Episode 1 - below and be sure to check out the full episode if you have Quest or Discovery+. Let us know what you think of the build! Classic Retrofit Porsche 914 EV update Our own vintage voltage project - the electric Porsche 914 - is alive and well and now in regular use following its UK registration as a new-tech EV. We recently took the car for steering alignment and chassis geometry to set the car with its electric power steering. Some of the steering angles on the standard non-assisted steering installation can lead to a certain amount of twitchiness when power steering is added, so we're now working on slowing down some of the steering responsiveness. We don't need super sharp steering, as the power steering system takes so much weight out of the linkages. Stay tuned for more updates!
  13. Chapterisation of Video 1: Current airflow system 02:43 What comes in the kit 03:48 Condenser fitting 06:37 Wiring pt. 1 16:21 Planning hose pathways 18:29 Fitting hose ends 21:24 Wiring pt.2 24:27 Power wire 25:11 Fuse panel 25:25 Video 2 Alternator 01:21 Re-wiring 07:45 Washer Bottle 10:36 Fuse panel 14:50 Air circulation 16:07 Centre vent 17:47 Evaporator 23:23 Wiring 24:24 Lines 25:01 Ducting 25:22 Sensors 29:19 Re-Assembly 31:13 Gasket 31:25
  14. Australian Youtuber, Home Built by Jeff, has shared some great Youtube videos covering installation of our electric A/C kit into his 1974 911. See them below. We've added some chapterisation into the video comments but it is also under the videos here for reference.
  15. Hi Trent, great to hear from you! When you go through to order the standard unit leave a note saying 'refurbished original'. And then when you send the unit, put a low value (£20) to avoid import duty. Thanks! Let us know if you have any more questions. -Ciara
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