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  1. This was a headscratcher as the owner did not want to touch the engine, so we custom engineered this setup using a WOSP alternator. It's not super aesthetic and took quite a bit of working out at additional cost but it did the trick. It involves a coupler from a VW T5 with some machining. We are working on a possible kit for this - on the list of things to do. upgraded porsche 912 alternator.mp4
  2. Hi C Currently we do not offer a small fuse panel for SWBs, but thanks for the interest and the kind comments.
  3. Hi Even, could be a lot of things - Jonny suggests it sounds more like a cracked airbox or a coil failure. Can you do a simple spark check? If there is still a strong spark when cranked then check your airbox. A failed coil might spark in air but the spark would look weedy.
  4. Thanks for the post. We can only really comment on our own system installed as per the manual, as its efficacy is only guaranteed in the standard configuration. But you may well find someone on PP who has done what you are trying to do. Good luck!
  5. We are still testing our system on the SC along with the relocated oil cooler. A major advantage we have discovered is no oil smells migrating into the cabin! The system is not retail ready but things are in development.
  6. Hi @CardinalCar - thanks for joining and for the post. No more details on the new control panel as yet but it will be backwards compatible with previous systems - albeit the earlier systems may need a little tweak to a couple of things. We are aiming to make this as straightforward as possible. If you're following the various threads on PP, then you are well informed. The A/C is a no brainer where you are. We recommend a double condenser and uprated alternator on all systems nowadays but the upgrade you have already is useful. Best regards from the UK!
  7. We've added two new high-output 175A alternators to our product range, for the Ferrari 308 and Porsche 964 and 993 models. Like all of our upgraded alternators, these are brand new units, not rewound or reconditioned and there is no core charge or exchange, so you can sell your old unit complete and recoup some of your upgrade investment. With so many electrical upgrades pushing old-school charging technology to the limit, Classic Retrofit's upgraded high-output alternators for classic cars like the Ferrari and Porsche 911 are the perfect addition to any modern classic. Used in conjunction with our electric A/C, this alternator offers higher levels of cooling without compromising battery voltage. All of our alternators come complete with heavy duty cables. Don't forget we also offer upgraded fuse panels for both Ferrari 308 and Porsche 911, so check out those no-brainer upgrades if they are not already fitted to your car. Ferrari 308 High Output Alternator Based on the proven Denso 6 phase 'hairpin' alternator, the casing has been custom designed to fit the Ferrari 308. The upgraded alternator offers superior efficiency and produces less heat than the original units. For cars running additional electrical items such as bigger stereos and additional lighting, this is a game changer. Porsche 964 and 993 High Output Alternator Classic Retrofit's upgraded 175A alternator for classic Porsche 964 and 993 models is the ideal upgrade for cars with the standard double pulley or RS single pulley. The idle output is around 75A depending on pulley size and idle speed. Based on the large-case Denso 6 phase 'hairpin' alternator, the casing has been custom designed to fit all 964 and 993 fan housings. As with all of our alternators, this unit offers superior efficiency and produces less heat than the original units. These units are currently available from stock but we expect lead times to stretch as they sell out. With the classic car season now upon us, do not delay in placing your order! Contact us with any questions.
  8. Hi Jonathan - thanks for the feedback! Enjoy the 'new' car 😀
  9. We've added two great new products for classic Porsche 911s using our electric air conditioning. The first is a rotating underdash vent assembly. Sold in pairs, these ducts are a great addition to the ventilation system on your 911. They allow directional control of cool air to your body but still allow hot air to go to your feet. Each duct can be rotated so you can divert passenger side cooling to the driver side for increased comfort. The vents can be used with the standard ventilation system or with our Electrocooler electric A/C system. To install, simply remove the original under dash 'diffuser' and replace with our duct. Ducts are made from high temperature carbon fibre filled nylon. They won't deform or melt with heat. Be sure to check the condition of your blend valve bases before purchasing. The second new product is a redesign of the original Porsche blend valve base (part number 91157105100). This part is notorious for breaking when the screws are undone. This new blend valve base is made from super tough glass fibre filled nylon. The threaded insert has been redesigned so it will not break out of the plastic. We've tested these vents extensively and they are a worthy addition to any A/C system! Check them out on the webshop today - bases are available from stock and the rotating underdash vents are made to order. Contact us with any questions!
  10. You can do this but we recommend dual condensers on all AC installs now. Definitely in Tx!
  11. Our ECU does all the work to keep cabin temp constant and there is therefore no control interface in the current system. We do have a control panel optional upgrade coming but there is no way to use any of the original Porsche controls with our digital system.
  12. Hi Ovidijus Thanks for fitting the panels and the positive feedback. Round relay testing has been perfect so it appears they are ready to go. We have a new starter this week and R&D support is in his job description, so will get these and some other new ideas signed off and move to production. Expect them in 2021 👍🏻
  13. Bonjour Alexandre! We're not engine or timing experts, so offer only the advice contained in the manual. As you have found, there is some feedback from other enthusiasts online and I am sure Jonny will be along to share his experience with his SC shortly. There is no real substitue for a run on a chassis dyno, where one could check what the car is doing under load and optimise the settings that way. Take it step by step, whatever you do.
  14. Hi Stu - look further down the body and you'll see there is another factory hole at the bottom front corner of the inner wing, below the bumper shock mount. That is where you want to be with the larger hose. There is a factory hole on the front slam panel for the smaller hose.
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