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  1. Jonny has just filmed another product test video for our Youtube channel: this time it's a test of our double-condenser electric air conditioning system for classic Porsche 911s on the UK's hottest day of the year so far. With ambient temperatures circa 34°C (93°F), our new twin-condenser system takes just 90 seconds to get the blower air temperatures down to 7°C (50°F), with temps down to 5°C (40°F) in 2m30. After only 4 minutes, our twin-fan blower unit is pumping out cold air at 3°C (37.4°F), which is substantially lower than any original factory system could achieve. Because our modern system uses an electric compressor controlled by a bespoke ECU, efficiency actually improves at low revs (such as when sitting in traffic), as opposed to belt-driven compressors, which lose cooling ability at idle. We're always improving our products, but this latest air conditioning development is blowing us away! Find out more at the product pages or drop us an email for more information.
  2. A note to all air-con installers! Time and time again, installations of our A/C systems hit trouble because people do not pressure test the system before it is filled. Vacuum testing is not good enough - if your A/C person cannot pressure test your installation then fid another A/C person. Only pressure testing can validate your install as suitable for filling: vacuum testing will suck joints together and fail to highlight leaks. Jonny uses the slow puncture analogy: blow up a tyre with a slow puncture and it will leak for a while, but then may seal as the internal pressure drops and the hole where the is air escaping closes up. The tyre may then hold a lower pressure ad infinitum, but will not function as intended. The same is true of leaky air conditioning. Filling the system will instantly lead to a slow leak, taking the pressure down until the leak seals. The installer troubleshoots on the basis that the pressure is still as initialised, when actually it has dropped to the point where the system will not perform correctly. ALWAYS PRESSURE TEST YOUR INSTALLATIONS! No exceptions!!
  3. We worked with a bespoke classic Mini builder to convert 6 classis Minis for export fitted with Classic Retrofit electric A/C. Here are some photos from our development installation on a test mule. The finished kits were full integrated. Given the lack of space in the car, we had to move a few parts. The original heater unit was removed. The electric A/C compressor was mounted in the boot/trunk. The condenser went behind the engine grille and the oil filter was moved to leave space for the fans. The complete installation was achieved with just two small holes added to the rear bulkhead.
  4. Here's an interesting fuse panel installation thread on Pelican with a clear panel over the front of the fuses. Some questions on jumpers and busbars - note that these are all integrated into our board.
  5. Love this customer video testimonial for our Bosch CDI ignition upgrade unit in a 1970 Porsche 911 T - 2.2-litre car now running very well!
  6. Back to back voltage stability testing of our CDI+ unit versus an original Bosch CDI:
  7. Great video by our mate Jeff shared on his Youtube channel - installation of a Classic Retrofit upgraded fuse panel!
  8. Here's a video tour of our Porsche 911 SC demo car! This 1982 SC is our regular daily driver (used every day except in the depths of winter) and the test bed for all of our products.
  9. Jonny's video guide to the old-style Porsche 911 alternators and how our products improve on the original design, delivering a much higher output - even at tickover - is a must-watch for anyone considering upgrading to this superb product. Feel free to ask any questions in the technical forum.
  10. Here's a video from Jonny on installing CDI and using our optional distributor lock to disable the dizzy weights and use the CDI+ unit to control the ignition curve.
  11. Here's a great video from Jonny on installing our CDI+ unit and locking the distributor to set the CDI up to control the ignition curve. Questions welcome in the CDI technical forum.
  12. Regular viewers of our Youtube channel will have seen the sneak peek of our new range of ignition coils in test on Jonny's 911. Wound by hand here in the UK, these coils are our solution to the poor quality items from Brazil currently being sold as OEM equipment, and low grade aftermarket items. The new Classic Retrofit ignition coils are built to a proper spec and testing has so far been very positive! No release date has been set - it really comes down to production times once we are happy with the final design. Stay tuned!

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