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  1. We've added two new high-output 175A alternators to our product range, for the Ferrari 308 and Porsche 964 and 993 models. Like all of our upgraded alternators, these are brand new units, not rewound or reconditioned and there is no core charge or exchange, so you can sell your old unit complete and recoup some of your upgrade investment. With so many electrical upgrades pushing old-school charging technology to the limit, Classic Retrofit's upgraded high-output alternators for classic cars like the Ferrari and Porsche 911 are the perfect addition to any modern classic. Used in
  2. Hi Jonathan - thanks for the feedback! Enjoy the 'new' car 😀
  3. We've added two great new products for classic Porsche 911s using our electric air conditioning. The first is a rotating underdash vent assembly. Sold in pairs, these ducts are a great addition to the ventilation system on your 911. They allow directional control of cool air to your body but still allow hot air to go to your feet. Each duct can be rotated so you can divert passenger side cooling to the driver side for increased comfort. The vents can be used with the standard ventilation system or with our Electrocooler electric A/C system. To install, simply remove the original und
  4. You can do this but we recommend dual condensers on all AC installs now. Definitely in Tx!
  5. Our ECU does all the work to keep cabin temp constant and there is therefore no control interface in the current system. We do have a control panel optional upgrade coming but there is no way to use any of the original Porsche controls with our digital system.
  6. Hi Ovidijus Thanks for fitting the panels and the positive feedback. Round relay testing has been perfect so it appears they are ready to go. We have a new starter this week and R&D support is in his job description, so will get these and some other new ideas signed off and move to production. Expect them in 2021 👍🏻
  7. Bonjour Alexandre! We're not engine or timing experts, so offer only the advice contained in the manual. As you have found, there is some feedback from other enthusiasts online and I am sure Jonny will be along to share his experience with his SC shortly. There is no real substitue for a run on a chassis dyno, where one could check what the car is doing under load and optimise the settings that way. Take it step by step, whatever you do.
  8. Hi Stu - look further down the body and you'll see there is another factory hole at the bottom front corner of the inner wing, below the bumper shock mount. That is where you want to be with the larger hose. There is a factory hole on the front slam panel for the smaller hose.
  9. Hi Mark, early cars - 74/75 - bridge the gap from longhood to shorthood and the wiring can be quite a challenge! I will find out more about this and come back to you.
  10. Hi Chris, thanks for asking! The new components require a system rethink electrically and we are also working on own own heat ideas that do not involve the heat exchangers in the traditional way. We are not ready to commit to a path on the heat side yet but will keep everyone informed as milestones are reached. Your current system would need a change to the way the blower is wired and there would be some other tweaks too of course, but it is still early days on development so not going to say much more than that for now. The cars already running the digital panel are scratch-built, so we
  11. Update: the system is now fully installed and charged and it is delivering 3.9 degrees Celsius at the vents! An excellent result. Pat says the following: The system is up and running blowing air at 39 degrees F from the center vents. The mod I did in the frunk and smugglers box to keep the footwell bow tie center vent and the passenger side footwell vent worked and applies cold air to the footwell. Unfortunately my wallet is lighter by just under $150 but was worth it to finish the job. Adding up all the cost I’m just under $6K and the money was well spent on reliable AC, upgraded chargin
  12. Florida resident and 1980 SC Targa owner, Pat Henry, has embarked upon his Classic Retrofit electric A/C installation, including our relocated Boxster washer tank and the upgraded alternator. We recommend the double condenser setup for all customers in high humidity environments (such as Florida) but Pat has decided to try and keep the original Porsche condenser as part of his installation. He is documenting the project in an excellent Classic Retrofit A/C install thread on the Pelican Parts 911 technical forum. Early work to assemble the compressor mounting bracketry and the additional r
  13. Hi Stu Where there are no markings or in/out direction arrows then the direction does not matter. The hoses we use are lightweight. You could use some large industrial cable ties and secure them like that. It is not like securing heavy oil lines. Glad your install is going well. Good time of year to get it done!
  14. Our 1974 Porsche 914 electric vehicle (EV) conversion debuts tonight at 9PM on Vintage Voltage, shown on Quest TV in the UK. We're excited to see how people take to our first EV build, which brings groundbreaking technology and an exciting driving experience to this vintage Porsche chassis. Most classic EV conversions are simply electric drivetrains fitted into an older chassis. They often use the original transmissions and the weights are arranged in such a way as to substantially ashift the centre of gravity and negatively affect the already dated driving experience. Our plan with
  15. As the UK has now left the European Union, the rules on VAT have changed. EU customers will now note that, when they go to checkout their purchases in our online shop, VAT will not be added to the total. Instead, VAT will be payable by the buyer at the point of import. The changes to VAT are explained in detail by the Institute of Government but we include some helpful snippets below. About VAT on Classic Retrofit purchases In normal domestic transactions, we charge the buyer VAT and then pay the VAT to the taxman. This was also the situation with private buyers in the
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