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  1. Hi Ray, continuity of the power wiring and a good earth would be first thing. The fans tend to be super reliable so for both to drop out suggests power or earth.
  2. With ever-more classic cars being converted to electric vehicles, we are constantly faced with requests for installations in a wide range of vehicles. A good example is the early Ford Mustang, an EV conversion of which we have recently been working on with the highly regarded Alan Mann Racing. At first glance, the Mustang would appear to have plenty of space to work with, but to construct something that works with the original mount points and that can provide heating as well as cooling is more complex. In such cases, our work on designing that hardware is completely bespoke. We design products specific to the application and not the generic blower box kit that may be seen elsewhere. The Mustang solution was designed from scratch and is all custom made. It's got two of our ceramic heater blocks and custom made actuators that control the air flow. Controlling the custom airbox is the real challenge and it has led us to a modular software design. As everything on our new HVAC controller is configurable, we have settings that can be adjusted to whatever the controller is being connected to, and we can save these arrays as different configurations. This development path is leading us toward a range plug-and-play systems in custom outer shells depending on the vehicle. We're currently developing bespoke systems for vehicles including the SWB Ferrari, BMW E30, Alfa Romeo Type 105 and Land Rover Defender with various UK partners. We are always interested in hearing from commercial partners with specific needs for production vehicles. Give us a call to discuss.
  3. We've developed tweeter pods to allow fitment of the focal TN43 tweeters to the standard 993 door cards. This is a cool upgrade for anyone who likes good sounds in their 993 ­čśÄ These pods have been designed to replace the Nokia tweeters in the Porsche 993. They fit the metal receiver in the 993 door cards with no modification. The kit includes 2 high-quality pods with clips and we are shipping as of now!
  4. We've been enjoying our 1994 Porsche 993 Carrera 2 Tiptronic Coupe since purchase last August. Work on the pre-VarioRam 911 has included an overdue service, a front end strip and rebuild and of course we're using the 993 as a development vehicle and test mule for our next-generation Porsche electric air conditioning systems. As this car was never fitted with air conditioning, we've fitted our full Porsche 911 electric A/C system including our high-output Porsche 993 alternator. This is a harder installation on a Tiptronic as it has an additional transmission oil cooler up front so a second condenser is not possible. Instead, we're trialling a new-tech version of our single condenser setup. Made by a Dutch company, the new condenser is 50% more efficient than the original 964/993 condenser, which is a big improvement. While we have been using twin condenser systems which give massive headroom over the original, a 50% improvement on the original part is more than enough for most users, especially when combined with our new CCU, which is also in testing in our 993: more on that later. Other improvements seen on the test mule include the development of a tightly-packaged combined battery and A/C Compressor mount to minimise the space required by our electric A/C system: watch out for this as a new product. One more product developed for the car is a replacement tweeter mount to fit Focal FN43 tweeters into the Porsche 993 door cards. This is a great little upgrade for audiophiles and is available to buy now. Recent road trips to Retromobile in Paris and visits to several UK consultancy clients have proved that, almost 30 years after its introduction, the 993 remains a highly capable and comfortable daily driver. The Tiptronic is relaxing, the car can still get a shift on when needed. We look forward to sharing more news on the car and our 964 and 993 developments!
  5. Bonjour Sebastien, The headlamp relays are all covered in the manual on page 15 'Removal of an existing headlamp relay kit'. It sounds like you have got everything correct. The power for the white and yellow will come from the fuse board/relays assuming everything is wired up right. Check the manual before you commit and let us know if any problems.
  6. Bonjour Sebastien, Yes, you can use any bridged terminal. This is covered in the install manual - bridging on our fuse panel is marked by white stripes.
  7. Hi there and thanks for the question. The answer is anything is possible depending on the quality of the engineering. Given the car you are already building, we presume you will work it out properly! WOSP alternators may be a useful source of information in terms of applications. Good luck with your project and thanks for including our products.
  8. Hi Michael, sorry for the late reply on this. There is some good information on coil testing here. Due to poor product quality and aftersales support, we no longer recommend coils from this supplier, but the testing procedure outlined is on point.
  9. You could try a PM to duchunter on Pwelican - Chris is in Sarasota and very technically capable.
  10. It's the end of another busy year here at Classic Retrofit. We've seen a lot of changes through 2022, including the move to new premises and several new team members, but we're not quite done yet. Here's a sneak peek at something brand new which we expect to release in 2023, currently in development on our own 993 R&D vehicle. We bought this 993 a few months ago, as a test bed for our latest Electrocooler air conditioning system. Our standard 964 and 993 installations use the factory controller, but this is known to be increasingly unreliable as the vehicles get older. Removing the factory controller entirely is not a workable option, as it is also connected to other vehicle functions, including ventilation controls that close the air intake when the vehicle is reversing and managing the oil cooler temperature. After carefully researching and reverse engineering the factory controller's functions over several years of Electrocooler upgrades and refurbishing factory blower units (suitcases) and full systems, we have designed a brand new Cabin Control Unit (CCU) for 964 and 993 models. The CCU is plug and play, benefitting from complete integration with the factory wiring harness and all of its functions, while also adding some new features, including programmable oil cooler temperature thresholds to run the oil cooler fan, and more. The new Classic Retrofit CCU for 964 and 993 models heads up a fully revised HVAC system for these models that give several upgrades over standard, and that can also slide straight into a car that was not originally equipped with A/C from the factory, giving a factory appearance while offering cutting edge technology backed by full product support from our team. We look forward to completing our testing on the new CCU before offering it to customers from Q2 2023. Right now, it is time to close the doors and rest and recuperate over the holidays. Solstice blessings and seasons' greetings to all our customers old and new. Thanks for your continued support: we look forward to supporting your always interesting and often incredible projects again in the new year.
  11. Hi DET - super busy here so sorry for the late reply. This should be fine but Jonny says: "the polarity of signal is opposite to MSD so swap signal wires round". Hope this helps and thanks for the interest in our products!
  12. The point of the smaller tank is to get the original huge tank - made for when the cars were driven daily - out of the way so a condenser can go in its place.
  13. We hear you. Alternators are developed in partnership with a UK manufacturer and R&D time is hard to find at the minute. We've recently added a new team member on the R&D side, so fingers crossed we can loop back around on this in early 2023. Unlikely we will get into it through the rest of this year.
  14. Hi Guytranspo, at the moment we are focusing on other projects, though we will return to this down the line in association with our alternator partner. Let us know if you have any other questions!
  15. We can now offer a full rebuild service for the complex heating and ventilation blower units (often referred to as HVAC suitcases) on later air-cooled Porsche 911s: 964 and 993 models. These complicated assemblies are packed with ageing servos and wiring, all of which deteriorates over time and leads to issues with the HVAC system. Our refurb process is a bench strip and rebuild of the entire blower unit. Every suitcase unit is fully stripped and built up with new foams and seals. The servos, fans, evaporator and temperature sensors are all stripped, inspected and bench tested before being refurbished or replaced with new as required. Send us your HVAC suitcase and we will return it in fully operational condition following our full rebuild process: 1) Strip and disassemble HVAC suitcase 2) Clean housing and ancillary parts 3) Replace all foam/rubber seals to flaps and case 4) Fit evaporator and fans 5) Dismantle, inspect and clean all servos and test efficiency using a scope 6) Refit original or replacement servos, adjust brackets and linkages 7) Clean and refit wiring harness 8) Replace temperature sensors as necessary 9) Bench test with known good cabin controller (CCU) Price is for labour only. Original parts are assessed on an individual basis, the choice to replace is discussed with the customer. The complete system is bench tested after re-assembly so you can be sure that everything works smoothly. This is a game-changer for mechanics who previously just had to hope that servos were working right across the range of travel. Strip it out, send it to us and refit with confidence! See full details of our Porsche 964 993 air con blower unit rebuild service here.
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