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  1. Hi Matt, thanks for the post! No dates on the launch of the new coil but, following a successful dynno test on our own car last week, we have sent a second group of prototypes out to some engine partners for testing. We will update our social feeds with updates as and when πŸ‘πŸ»
  2. Our latest Youtube video walks through a current R&D project to re-engineer the cabin air circulation and ventilation systems on Porsche 964 and 993 models. This project was a logical progression from an earlier 18-month project to redesign the troublesome Porsche 964 CCU - the dash-mounted control unit - to a fully microprocessor-controlled ECU and deliver a modern solution to a well known problem. Watch the video below for a sneak peek at the separate project to develop an electric heating system for this 400-volt EV customer. There is some crossover between the two systems (ICE and
  3. The headlights use a lot of water (hence the huge tank and separate pump - the pump on the original washer tank is headlights only) so you would empty the smaller tank pretty quickly if you plumbed them back in. Consequently, we haven't plumbed ours in, but you should be able to engineer a solution.
  4. Many advantages and we are always chipping away, adding more features and refining the design. It is a great product πŸ˜‰
  5. Hi Eddie. The same tank is used on Boxsters and 996s. If you google some pics you'll see the pump from an IB is not suitable. Plenty on eBay to choose from.
  6. It's been a busy summer here at the Classic Retrofit workshops, but we've still found time to push the envelope on developing new products for classic Porsches! Work on our Delphi Green 1982 Porsche 911 SC has included: β€’ Developing and testing our new hand-wound ignition coils (game changer: coming Q1 2021) β€’ Developing a second air conditioning condenser kit for the right front corner (now available to buy) β€’ Further developing our Electric A/C system β€’ Relocating the oil cooler from the right front to the left rear corner β€’ Fitting a new thermostat and a whole new set of o
  7. Hi Peter Bouncing tach needle is often a sign of a failing voltage regulator so check that out. We've tried all sorts of coils with our CDI+ and the original is currently the best. So you might find that old black coil and refit it. Silver coils are not good. I could tell you a few stories about aftermarket vendors but let's just say the only way forward for us was to make our own unit, which we have done. The good news is that we have several brand new Classic Retrofit prototype coils in test with engine builders in the UK and US and we are also running a prototype coil on our
  8. We always recommend replacing the original factory evaporator when one of our Porsche 911 electric air conditioning half kits is fitted. Here's why!
  9. Been a mad year, so not as much R&D time as we'd hoped for, but they have been bulletproof so far. Fingers crossed πŸ˜‰
  10. Hundreds of Classic Retrofit CDI+ ignition units are now being used on Porsche 911s all over the world. One recent adopter is Jonny in Minneapolis, who has fitted a CDI+ unit to his 1978 Porsche 911 SC MFI backdate project. Jonny recently started driving his car, breaking in the engine, transmission and suspension upgrades. After the engine was run in, Jonny noted that, at 7,000 rpm the car seem to hit a soft rev limiter. Jonny Hart replied in the project build thread on Pelican, confirming that the stock (soft) rev limiter on CDI+ was set to 7,000 rpm. This takes out 10Β° in advance
  11. Jonny was a guest on the Road to Redline podcast over the weekend. It was an interesting chat and well worth a listen if you want to hear more about the origins of Classic Retrofit, how grassroots enthusiasts got behind his early product ideas and how that led to involvement with the biggest names in Porschedom. Other topics included: Buying and restoring an old 911 Buying an electric 914 and updating the EV technology Early partnerships with technical experts who proved the effectiveness of our products The process of ongoing product development/continuous impro
  12. Hi Chris Fun times with old cars. This could be a few different issues. What alternator/regulator arrangement have you got? Have you got fuel to the carbs? Have you got spark? Are you running one of our fuse panels? Also add a bit more to your profile so we know where you are in the UK πŸ‘πŸ»
  13. Hi Sean, the original car wiring controls the blower so all we provide is a simple on/off control. It is all in the install manual. The new system will now use just the one fresh air fan speed slider to control the fresh air AND the A/C. Your old system had a separate fan for A/C, hence two fan speed controls. Keep us in the loop in your install πŸ‘
  14. We've just added our updated and improved modern blade fuse panels for Ferrari 308 models to our online shop. We've been making these fuse panels for a while and they have proved very popular with Ferrari specialists. They solve the same issues as cured by our Porsche fuse panels, with failing old-style fuses causing all sorts of issues with the new large-blade rather than mini-blade fuses, which give a bigger contact area, leading to better current flow and enhanced reliability. Ferrari 308 models also suffer from melted left and right fuse panels, so these are a perfect replacement
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