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Extra Fuse Spots and fixing panel to chassis


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I have an '86 911.  The fuse panel had upper only terminals between 4/5 and 10/11.  I read on the pelican forum you can insert the wires into either adjoining connector, but how?  The holes only accommodate so much wire.  I think I can put the 4/5 wires into the empty number 2 position.  But there is no way I can fit the 10/11 wires into either the 10 or 11 position.  There just isn't enough room.  And the wires are so tight, I cannot screw the fuse panel onto the body.  Is that ok to just leave it that way?  It's not very loose as those 34 year-old wires are pretty stiff.

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For some reason, the picture is upside down, but position 21 is full left on image.  The top of the old fuse panel is bottom of image and you can see a small red wire jumping from the top of terminal 18 to 19.  Weird.  I did not use that on the new fuse panel.  Should I?  Also, my old panel had nothing attached to the top of terminals 15 and 17.  Also strange.  And I put it all together and everything works (I think) except the headlights.  Should any wire be attached to the terminal labeled H on the new panel?

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Hi Mark, apart from very early models, Porsche use brass 'ferules' crimped on to the ends of all wires that go to the fuse panel.  So, if the wire end is bare, this is either not a standard wire or the wire has been cut.   I would carefully review the fuse panel drawing for the '86 to work out what is original and what is not.

The headlights will not work unless the panel is secured to the metal bracket.  The gold plated mounting hole below the 'H' terminal provides the ground.  

I trust you found the install manual ok?  It covers intermediate terminals and grounding.    It is on this page: https://www.classicretrofit.com/pages/manuals-and-software



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