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New blower runs on one speed only. Original blower has three speeds.

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When installed the new blower only runs on one speed which is high on the high slide position (white wire), no low and no medium. As Jonny suggested, I have pulled the slide control panel from the car and thoroughly tested each wire for continuity. That test was positive for each wire. I cleaned all terminals for each slide position and the ground and have now bench tested the original blower first using newly purchased 6 pin plugs and receptacles with new wiring from the slide control panel to the old blower using the battery for 12v power in accordance with the factory wiring diagram. The original blower works perfectly on the bench test using the proper slide positions for each speed. However, when the new blower is plugged in it only works on the high slide position and I have no idea if the blower is actually on it's high speed or another speed.

Is there a way to test the new blower from the battery directly? Have there been problems with the new blowers? Is there a way to open up the new blower to inspect the wiring? Any advice would be appreciated. This is the last step in completing the a/c install and I am now unable to do so until I am able to solve this mystery. I have spent hours on this bench test with new plugs/receptacles and wiring. Many thanks.

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