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loaded question CDI+ and 123 dizzy

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so - using the CDI+ and the 123 - whats is more successful, flat curve on the CDI+ or on the 123?

they are both very capable, - i got the 123 to loose the points and not have to worry about the centrifugal advance sticking or as in my case mot being able to lock it and take advantage of the CDI+

Set me right, please 🙂


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It probably depends on how you view success. Don't think we know anyone who is using both so you will have to give us some feedback.

We sell a locking device for the original distributor. Feedback suggests that the 123 mapping is a little crude whereas our map system has 20 points.  Also, if you use our software, you can access all the other features at the same time including rev limiters and spark interval. As Jonny puts it: "I would not want to have any  adjustment requiring fiddling with two devices".

In terms of an upgrade comparison, CDI+ replaces a unit that can be unreliable at this age of its life, which has no new technology and is expensive to repair when it fails. CDI+ offers a mappable dual spark system. Proven reliability. Proven torque increases. Regular software upgrades. Retains a good proportion of the purchase price as a used sale. Basically has a lifetime warranty as, if it ever breaks for reasons other than poor install leading to a failure, we will repair or replace it.

123 distributor - replaces a fairly reliable original part. Leaves the more unreliable part screwed to the inner wing. Offers the chance to remove the points, but there are cheaper ways of doing that. It is quite shiny. They seem to advise changing the ignition leads (+€320). They seem to advise changing the coil (+€80). So the cost adds up to more than the distributor.

Anyway, best of luck with the system. Looking forward to hearing more about your experience!

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thanks - yes, I was thinking similar. I will report back, for sure, but the idea is really to use the 123 'flat' and do all my timing in the CDI+.

It all stems from that I could not see a way to lock the advance on the early/old/mid year dizzy, and I did not want to take my working dizzy I just bought apart and maybe stuff it up. Could not get hold of my old, broken one that my mechanic replaced a few months ago to play with the innards.

cant wait for x-mas when my CDI+ box will be under the tree.... 🙂


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