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Grinding Noise from behind dash

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Hello all - I have a 1976 911S that the prior owner fitted with a Classic Retrofit A/C system (with upgraded alternator).  I have noticed over the past few weeks that with the A/C running, every few minutes I will hear a grinding/buzzing sound from behind the center of the dash.  This only occurs with the A/C compressor running after I hit the blue button - I can just run the fan with no issues whatsoever.  However once I hit the button, every so often the noise will occur and will last 3-5 seconds, then go away.  After a few minutes it will occur again.  It almost sounds like one of the old metal pencil sharpeners that we would use in grade school where you insert the pencil on one end and spin the crank on the other (that is random but is the best explanation I can give for what it sounds like).

I was wondering if this had happened to anyone else?  Any advice would be much appreciated, thanks.

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