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Understanding Electrocooler Blue Button.

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Electrocooler is controlled by a single momentary push button with a blue LED ring light.  It is important to understand that the LED shows the status of the SYSTEM, it is not electrically connected to the push button, but controlled by the ECU.  Other conditions may prevent the light from illuminating.  

I made this short video to demonstrate some of the functions.

If the blue led does not illuminate at all, refer to our install manual and check the following:

1) You have power to pin 7 of the grey ECU harness.  This is the yellow/black wire.  At least one ground on the black connector should be connected to chassis.

2) The red and black of the button harness should be connected to 12V and GND.    The black wire is the GND for the LED.  The yellow/brown wire uses PWM (square wave) to light the LED.


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