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Modular HVAC for classic car EV builds

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With ever-more classic cars being converted to electric vehicles, we are constantly faced with requests for installations in a wide range of vehicles. A good example is the early Ford Mustang, an EV conversion of which we have recently been working on with the highly regarded Alan Mann Racing.

At first glance, the Mustang would appear to have plenty of space to work with, but to construct something that works with the original mount points and that can provide heating as well as cooling is more complex.  

In such cases, our work on designing that hardware is completely bespoke. We design products specific to the application and not the generic blower box kit that may be seen elsewhere. The Mustang solution was designed from scratch and is all custom made. It's got two of our ceramic heater blocks and custom made actuators that control the air flow.

Controlling the custom airbox is the real challenge and it has led us to a modular software design. As everything on our new HVAC controller is configurable, we have settings that can be adjusted to whatever the controller is being connected to, and we can save these arrays as different configurations.

This development path is leading us toward a range plug-and-play systems in custom outer shells depending on the vehicle. We're currently developing bespoke systems for vehicles including the SWB Ferrari, BMW E30, Alfa Romeo Type 105 and Land Rover Defender with various UK partners.

We are always interested in hearing from commercial partners with specific needs for production vehicles. Give us a call to discuss.

Mustang EV HVAC.jpg

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