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Existing headlamp relays

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For a 911fpr retrofit fuse

Buy cutting the old relay wires (remove the relay) the only two wire left are the white and yellow from the headlight switch and you got to put them in the 1 and 3 fuse of the right panel. The olds relays were powered directly by thé battery and use to deliver power to the number 1 and 3 fuse (panel right). With this modification there is not power anymore to the 1 and 3……..does the  power come from a  source « inside » the fuse bar ? 

sorry picture diagram is in french 

J jaune =y yelloy.  
B blanc= white 


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Bonjour Sebastien,

The headlamp relays are all covered in the manual on page 15 'Removal of an existing headlamp relay kit'.

It sounds like you have got everything correct. The power for the white and yellow will come from the fuse board/relays assuming everything is wired up right. Check the manual before you commit and let us know if any problems.

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