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New product! Upgraded fuse panels for Ferrari 308

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We've just added our updated and improved modern blade fuse panels for Ferrari 308 models to our online shop.

We've been making these fuse panels for a while and they have proved very popular with Ferrari specialists. They solve the same issues as cured by our Porsche fuse panels, with failing old-style fuses causing all sorts of issues with the new large-blade rather than mini-blade fuses, which give a bigger contact area, leading to better current flow and enhanced reliability.

Ferrari 308 models also suffer from melted left and right fuse panels, so these are a perfect replacement.  The new design also eliminates the failure in the original holder caused by the riveting.

The factory terminal linking (known as bussing) is integral to the new design. The panels have our familiar LED blown fuse indicators and come with the mounting kit of rear gaskets, clear front covers and a pack of fuses. They are entirely plug and play, so an easy DIY fit!

Note: Some cars may need to bridge terminals 2 and 3 on the left panel with a wire or solder link. Check the back of your original white block on removal.

Ferrari 308 upgraded Fuse Panels 1 1600.jpeg

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