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Start of season maintenance

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Hi Jonny and CR team.

In anticipation of warm weather arriving soon, I wanted to check up on the health of my electro cooler in my '82 911SC.

I connected my laptop to the AC unit this weekend and checked the readings, settings and functions. I run the default setting that cam with the system in a single condenser configuration.

Everything looked good on the readings and settings.

Using the manual functions, the fan and compressor control worked fine. 

I was concerned with the sound of the compressor. It made an initial "pinging" sound for the first 1-2 seconds before settling into a steady hum. I don't know if this startup sound is normal or if I do I have a pending issue brewing?

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Thanks for the reply.

Now that the weather is warmer, I've used the AC a couple times and noticed it doesn't cool the cabin as it did last season. I ran a short log to see if you notice anything or if you can advise on what else to check. 

I don't mind taking it to an AC specialist but it would be good to have your feedback before I book the appointment.



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