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Will's upgraded alternator installation in a 1987 Porsche 911 3.2 Carrera

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I started (my A/C install) last week by pulling the alternator. It's not back together yet as the fan and housing are at the powder coater. But I got it all ready to go for when the parts come back this week. Classic Retrofit wants you to upgrade the ground wire as well as the power wire from the starter to Alternator. As you can see I replaced the ground strap, which was really easy. But the power wire was kind of a ***** to get to and run. The instructions don't tell you how to run it so this is what we decided to do. We also left the other power wire in place as an added bonus. I found a pre-existing hole to expand using a right angle 1/2' drill and grommet.

The new alternator that Classic Retrofit and WOSP put together is seriously badass! It's even got its own fan for additional cooling. The only thing I wish they had done, was send the 6 nuts for the alternator, as they are not the same size as the one that came off the car. Had to make a trip just for those.

SIDE NOTE: I read up on how to get that fan strap off and a lot of people were telling you to take the distributor out in order to remove it. I was able to gently tap it past the distributor with hammer and chisel. I'm going to powder coat the strap as well and see how that turns out. If I don't like it, or it gets scratched up too much, I'll just buy the Rennline one. My wife came up with a fairly creative idea for the powder coat colors so I'm excited to see how it turns out.

Porsche 911 3-2 alternator upgrade 1.jpg

Porsche 911 3-2 alternator upgrade 2.jpg

Porsche 911 3-2 alternator upgrade 3.jpg

Porsche 911 3-2 alternator upgrade 4.jpg

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Friday night, I got all the parts back from the powder coater and was able to put the new alternator back in with the freshly recoated parts! This process was relatively easy with the exception of the housing strap. I had it powder coated and it was a huge PITA to get it back in place as the distributor is probably supposed to be removed before uninstalling/re-installing, but I opted to force it past the distributor and that seemed to work after about 30min of struggles!


Porsche 911 3-2 alternator upgrade 5.jpg

Porsche 911 3-2 alternator upgrade 6.jpg

Porsche 911 3-2 alternator upgrade 7.jpg

Porsche 911 3-2 alternator upgrade 8.jpg

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