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April 2020 marked our fifth anniversary as a company! We've come a long way in five years: one gauge of just how far is our production schedule and R&D workload.

Currently in production:

We have finished finessing the Singer DLS HVAC system design, that project is approved and we are delivering the systems for the first car builds, including our custom control panels

Our controller for the new Ruf SCR was due to debut at Geneva but the show was cancelled. Production of that car was completed and the car was delivered to its new owner. More Ruf work is ongoing!

964 A/C kit launched earlier this year. Trialled in several guinea pigs over tens of thousands of miles. Uses the factory blower and CCU combined with electric compressor and controller, condenser.

911 A/C ‘Half kit’ also now available. Combines electric compressor and our condenser with the standard evaporator unit. We have tried this out and it works pretty well if your evaporator/blower is in good order. Not as neat or light as the full kit but less money up front.

R&D currently:

Rear mounted oil cooler kit: we've installed and are now trialling an interesting rear-mounted oil cooler kit for classic 911s that moves the  oil cooler to the rear corner and allows installation of a twin-condenser setup in the front or air-cooled 911s (pre-964). Moving the oil cooler has several significant benefits - more on this later.

Electric Heating. Our electric heating system for Singer Vehicle Design uses a 1600W ceramic heater, but the car has a huge alternator that is unique to that vehicle. This is too much load for even our high-output alternators so we are working on a clever integrated heated system using shared outputs from our rear-mounted oil cooler kit and a modern electric heater more suited to our high-output alternators. More on that later.

CDI+ is being trialled in vintage F1 engines (Cosworth DFV). We have been building 8-pin units for some very serious original factory cars including Le Mans winners and investigating older programmable ignition/timing units, which the owners wish to understand and preserve.

Contactless points replacement for early distributors, as products available nowadays are slightly better than junk.

Classic Retrofit ignition coils in development for same reasons as above.

Classic Retrofit 'round relay' replacements are also being developed for the same reasons!!

We are also progressing our Tesla powered 914 build. That has finished in the bodyshop and is with the electric car builders but slow progress due to COVID-19 shutdowns.

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Hi Johnny,


Can you share anymore details about the digital A/C control panel and electric servo blend valves? I understand that you are still developing it. Is the plan to go electric heating or retain the heat exchangers with a servo control on the valves and all is controlled by the ECU? How much customization is going to be possible. I have your A/C blower with a engine driven compressor. Would all of that have to be replaced or will we be able to replace the valves and control panel? I will not hold you to it, I understand things change in R&D a lot. Just looking for an idea how you think it will look.





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Hi Chris, thanks for asking! The new components require a system rethink electrically and we are also working on own own heat ideas that do not involve the heat exchangers in the traditional way. We are not ready to commit to a path on the heat side yet but will keep everyone informed as milestones are reached.

Your current system would need a change to the way the blower is wired and there would be some other tweaks too of course, but it is still early days on development so not going to say much more than that for now. The cars already running the digital panel are scratch-built, so we incorporate a lot of cutting edge tech from the project outset with those. Effective integration of teh same sort of tech on a retrofit basis is obviously what we are all about, so finessing that for best results is our primary focus.

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Hi Ovidijus

Thanks for fitting the panels and the positive feedback.

Round relay testing has been perfect so it appears they are ready to go. We have a new starter this week and R&D support is in his job description, so will get these and some other new ideas signed off and move to production. Expect them in 2021 👍🏻

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