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6-pin CDI+ in a Porsche 930: firing issues after 3500rpm

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Hi, i just received my CDI+ 6 pin for my 1986 Turbo (930). Easy install and worked immediately ! On the test ride, revs went up very well until …3500rpm !?

At that rpm, the engine began to sneeze and to make weird noises …

any idea on how to fix that ? 
best, Laurent

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Hi Laurent

Have replied to your email but for the benefit of future readers:

This sounds like an issue with the coil. Having a spare coil that could be tested - or having a local specialist with a known good coil is a useful tool here.

Coil issues can be disguised by inefficient older boxes but, when asked to perform properly by CDI+, tired coils can struggle.

Our CDI+ is a dual-spark unit. What may be happening here is the coil struggling to fully recharge between the two sparks.

You can use the software to make the spark interval a bit longer - default is 400m/s but it is possible to take it to 500m/s and try that. Turbos are starting to build boost pressure and therefore cylinder pressure around 3-3500rpm and the pressure can make a weak spark struggle a bit.

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