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Heat Pump Development Q&A (Electric Heating for Air-Cooled 911s)

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Hi All,

We have been somewhat overwhelmed with emails regarding the heat pump since we put out the youtube video below. - thank you! Thought it might be easier to address many of your questions here so let's begin!

When will it be ready?

We are hoping to have the system ready for Winter 2024  but this depends on how our test schedule goes.   We will post updates our social channels.

How much will it cost?

Until we have finished the design of all the parts we will not know final pricing.   Our aim is to make the system attractive pricewise, compared to buying an SSI system and restoring all the heat exchanger, flappers etc.

Can I be a tester / get a beta unit?

The system will have been tested for several months prior to release.   We work with specialist Porsche shops prior to general release.

Can I get on 'the list' for first unit?

There is no list, the system will be available when it is ready!  That's the only fair way of doing it.

Will there be an upgrade path for existing AC customers?

Yes, we will release a kit of parts to update from AC to heat pump.

What about 964/993?

Yes, we will have a solution for these cars.   There is slightly less space in the 964/993 frunk so it might not be possible to fit with the spare wheel.

Will it fit other cars.

Potentially, any car could run the heat pump system but it is more suited to air cooled rear/mid engined cars.   For water cooled rear/mid engine, it saves having to run heater pipes to the front of the car.


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