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Deflector Shield won't fit

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Hi there,

I've got a couple questions regarding the installation.  I have a 1979 911 SC, but when taking out the old alternator, I noticed that the fan housing was cracked in multiple places, so I purchased Rennline's Billet Fan Housing.  Since that housing requires a bigger fan, I also purchased a new fan.  Two questions on the install:

  1. When attempting to hook up the connections, I just wasn't able to get the deflector shield back onto the alternator.  So, I tried it outside of the car with no wires and it seems that the orientation of the deflector shield per the instructions won't allow the shield to mount flush to the housing as the B+ and the 2nd pole connected to where the lamp wire goes hit the shield and prevent it from going any further.  Does this mean I should use the 21MM spacer?  I'm using the 10MM one now.
  2. The other issue I have is regarding the woodruff key.  Is there a trick to get the fan onto the alternator without dislodging the key.  The only way I was able to do this was to use painter's tape to hold it down while sliding it on.  However, the tape cannot be taken off with the fan on, so that doesn't seem all that safe to me.

Thanks in advance for any help!


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Hi Nick,

Let's see if we can help you:

1. There are several variations of the air deflector depending on the original alternator that was fitted.  As long as the deflector remains in the original orientation, you can fit (rotate) the alternator so that is works.   On some air deflectors, the plastic part may need trimming out but this is usually on the early ones before they added the cutout for the regulator (e.g. prior to your '79).

2. Not heard of this issue before.  Maybe use some grease to hold the woodruff key in position.




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Hi Johnny,

I put the 21mm spacer in and that seems to do the trick.  I'm not able to place the air deflector in the appropriate spot and it will mount flush with the housing.

I still have no clue how I'll be able to fit the fan on and keep that key in place.  The notch in the fan fits the key so perfectly that I've got a 1 in a 1000 chance to slide that thing on without it moving the key.  If I'm off by .05mm up, down, left or right, it will move it.  Perhaps the aftermarket fan is notched too tight?  No clue.  So frustrating.  Do you think it's ok to have a small amount of painters tape on the shaft or would that be dangerous?  Do you have a video of how you are putting the fan onto the housing with the key?

Thanks for the help!!



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Well, after several hours later, I've finally managed to get the alternator wired up, air deflector on and in the engine bay!!! Thanks for the assistance.  Now, let's see if I wired it up correctly 🙂

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