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About our 911 small washer tank upgrade

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The Classic Retrofit intensive washer bottle/tank kit is for the G Model (Impact Bumper) Porsche 911 models made between 1974 and 1989.  It allows you to replace the large and heavy tank with the smaller tank used on the Porsche 996 and Boxster. This modern tank has a direct mounted pump and level sensor. We do not provide the tank or pump with this kit but they are plentiful on eBay and can be bought for around £30.       

The kit contains custom brackets for securing the tank to front wing support panel behind the front wheel.  It also contains a plug and play wiring harness that connects to the original pump wires.   The new sensor can be connected to the fuel tank low level lamp to give a dual function (either low fuel or low washer fluid).

Kit contents:

  • Washer bottle rear bracket and top support bracket
  • Wiring harness for pump and level sensor
  • Tube for connection to filler.
  • Fasteners.

The new tank can be filled from the filler inside the fuel flap as before.

Please note that larger wheel and tyre combinations and lower suspension may reduce the clearance to the tank.

Download Install manual here


Porsche 911 upgraded screen washer tank Classic Retrofit.png

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