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Best way to lock a points distributor

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I recently bought a CDI+ 3 point. The car is 1974 911 2.7. After installation of the CDI+, the car ran well for a couple of hours before it started misfiring. Upon trying to start it again, it would not start again. I am suspecting there are some problems with the springs/curve in the distributor. So I would like to try to lock the distributor. What is the best method for achiving this? Also would you advice installing "electronic" points like Pertronix, and if so what are the advantages of this?

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Hi again

Finally, I managed to get the timing sorted out. The timing was so far off that I got fooled and didn't adjust the timing enough the first time. So now the car runs very well on idle and under acceleration. However upon deceleration and cruising on low engine load the car is very jerky, like jerking back and forth. I think it is a weird behavior. Do any of you guys have a good suggestion what might be the problem? Very thankful for any advice!

In the process with sorting the timing, I checked the timing of TDC, took the distributor apart and cleaned and checked it, new coil and checked the cables.

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