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Adding Porsche or Aftermarket Second Condenser

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Like a lot of posts I am seeing, I would like to add a Porsche or similar (Griffiths Kuel) front condenser inline with the Classic Retrofit full (single condenser) AC system (in the factory original center front bumper location).  With all the reading I am doing I gathered I will need to add refrigerant lines from the classic retrofit condenser to the front condenser.  What are the new fittings and hose that I will need?  The classic retrofit manual says that the #8 hose is routed between the compressor and condenser so should that also be used between two condensers?  Are the connectors the same as those used on the drier? I saw the writeup by Targa80 but would like some input from Classic Retrofit as I would like to get new connectors rather than cutting out and reusing my old fittings (history of my car and AC system is unknown and suspect).

I am also beginning the search and learning process on how the electrical connections should be run from the stock condenser fan into the Classic Retrofit system.  Are there lessons learned, again I am studying and trying to understand Targa80's posts on Pelican.  Thanks!




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