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13: Gas Filling, Set Up and Test

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Filling with R134A

The system uses standard R134a charge ports. Test the system for leaks with nitrogen at 150 PSI pressure and check that it holds for 30 minutes.  

System as shipped does not need compressor oil added.  The compressor is pre-filled with PoE oil but PAG oil can be used.  Although this is an electric compressor, it does not need special oil as it is a 12V system.   Please note that other systems we offer which run at higher voltages (for example 400V EV systems) must use PoE oil.

If extra condensers are used more oil may be added.  As a guide, oil amount is 1/6 of the gas amount.

The system should be filled without the compressor running. Fill with 600g of R134a (single condenser system) or 650g (dual condenser). Typical Lp and Hp values show (in mbar)


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