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New A/C products - rotating underdash vents and redesigned factory blend valve bases

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We've added two great new products for classic Porsche 911s using our electric air conditioning.

The first is a rotating underdash vent assembly. Sold in pairs, these ducts are a great addition to the ventilation system on your 911. They allow directional control of cool air to your body but still allow hot air to go to your feet.  Each duct can be rotated so you can divert passenger side cooling to the driver side for increased comfort.

The vents can be used with the standard ventilation system or with our Electrocooler electric A/C system. To install, simply remove the original under dash 'diffuser' and replace with our duct.

Ducts are made from high temperature carbon fibre filled nylon.  They won't deform or melt with heat. Be sure to check the condition of your blend valve bases before purchasing.

The second new product is a redesign of the original Porsche blend valve base (part number 91157105100). This part is notorious for breaking when the screws are undone.

This new blend valve base is made from super tough glass fibre filled nylon. The threaded insert has been redesigned so it will not break out of the plastic.

We've tested these vents extensively and they are a worthy addition to any A/C system! Check them out on the webshop today - bases are available from stock and the rotating underdash vents are made to order. Contact us with any questions!


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