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Running A/C pipework/tubing into the front trunk

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Hi. I have the blower and compressor mounted, and am about to mount the condenser in the rear of the left rear tire well, with the pipes running under the car to the front left fender and then up and into the trunk. I’ve found 2 grommet holes near the front left corner of the trunk that are above the battery (see pic attached). They are in the right place but seem too thin to allow the #6 and #8 pipes through. Does it just need more force, or do I need to widen the holes, or are there better locations I should be using? Cheers, Stu


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Hi Stu - look further down the body and you'll see there is another factory hole at the bottom front corner of the inner wing, below the bumper shock mount. That is where you want to be with the larger hose. There is a factory hole on the front slam panel for the smaller hose.

WhatsApp Image 2021-02-11 at 09.09.23.jpeg

WhatsApp Image 2021-02-11 at 09.12.14.jpeg

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