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Electrocooler FAQ

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Q:  Do I need single or dual condenser system?

A:  Adding the second condenser does result in better heat rejection in hot conditions.   We also have many customers who run with a single condenser system, even in Florida.  It partly depends on your usage and expectations.  Finding a place for the second condenser can be a challenge, most customers opting to put it ahead of the rear wheel above the torsion bar mount.

Q:  Do I need the upgraded alternator?

A: Almost certainly.   Power demand varies with ambient temperature - above 30 deg C / 80 deg F outside temperature will require a constant load of around 70A.   Even the most powerful 993 alternator can only output 40A at idle.   Although Electrocooler's ECU will manage high demand conditions by reducing compressor speed (and power), it can be frustrating since the AC may keep switching off at idle to protect the charging system.   Fitting our upgraded alternator should allow the AC to run continuously with stopping.

Q: How long does it take to install (on a 911)

A:  If you have a stock G body 911, then our single condenser system will bolt in, not requiring any modificaions to the main body shell.  This should take around 15 - 20 hours.  Earlier cars and 'hot rods' may require some fabrication so times will be longer.   There are numerous combinations of front wings, spoilers and valences on these cars so we advise having the parts to hand if you are building a non-standard vehicle.  

Q:  What does the Electrocooler ECU do and why do I need it?

A:  The ECU contains a power management algorithm that allows the compressor to run at the optimum cooling output for any given alternator output.  It does this by monitoring the battery voltage and current consumption and varies the speed of the compressor.   It has two temperature sensors which are used to regulates compressor cooling output based on cabin and evaporator temperature.  In addition, it simplifies the installation into a vehicle providing all the necessary looms for hook up to the fusebox, blower, compressor.  The ECU controls the compressor via the compressor control cable (the ECU does not contain a 'switch') 

Q:  What does the external contactor (contact relay) do?

A:  The contactor isolates the power from the compressor to prevent parasitic current draw that can drain the battery.   Simply closing the contactor does not switch on the compressor.  The compressor is switched on via signals on control cable (grey connector on compressor)

Q. How much does the system weigh?

A. The weight of the kit is around 14 kg / 30 lbs.   Because we are replacing some existing parts ( fresh air blower / washer bottle) then the weight added to the car is less.  Typically, a non-AC 911 is only 8kg /  17lbs heavier when AC is added.  An original AC 911 becomes 15kg/33lbs lighter with our system.

Q. I have an early car with no centre vents and I need more air.  What should I do?

A. We have designed vents which do help to get the air out from under the dash to blow into the cabin.  If you need air on your face, we recommend installing a round vent in the clock position.  this connects to either top port on our blower.



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