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  1. Hi Jonny. I think I have this worked out. Can you please verify? (It's just not 100% clear to me what you're doing in the video the second time you get out the timing light). Set the curve with timing set at 5 degrees. Adjust the tigger point to allow for more working room. Send the file to the unit. Adjust the dizzy with timing light to match what's on the software curve. Thanks! Steve
  2. Hi Jonny, I've set the CDI+ to full control, and programmed a curve to max out at 28 deg at 5k. On this curve that point is 23 degrees to compensate for the baseline of 5 degrees. I had to rotate the dizzy to 15 deg to get the needed headroom, but now shouldn't I readjust the curve so that the max point on the curve is 15 degrees? Steve
  3. Hi Jonny, I just sent you a PM on Pelican, thanks!
  4. I'm planning a megasquirt install and ditching my CIS. Once the megasquirt is installed, I plan on using the distributor and vac advance with the CDI+ in default mode so I can tune the fuel system. Once it's tuned, I'll lock the dizzy and program the CDI+. Has anyone tried this before? Anything to be concerned about? Will the tach sweep from the CDI+ interfere with the megasquirt at ignition?
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