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  1. Hello, I have been driving my tachometer off the distributor in my 1974 911 with a 3-pin CDI+. My tach started to act up with some minor bouncing the other day. I decided to check the points trigger signal to the CDI+ with my Picoscope and noticed it has an 8v square wave signal to the box and tach. Is this the normal signal for a 3-pin CDI+? I always thought the later tachs need an 11+ volt signal. Any input would be helpful!
  2. Hello, I recently purchased a CDI+ unit for my 1974 911 Targa from the folks at Pelican Parts. I have been chasing a small exhaust backfire and low RPM bucking/stumbling issue for several months and bought the CDI+ hoping that it would cure my issue. My original Bosch CDI unit was putting out about 150v at idle (measured with a direct voltage adapter) so I figured it was time for a replacement. Unfortunately, it did not cure my issue, however, the engine has a different tune to it at idle (sounds stronger) and under high load and WOT it absolutely screams! It feels like a completely d
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