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  1. Hello, I recently purchased a CDI+ unit for my 1974 911 Targa from the folks at Pelican Parts. I have been chasing a small exhaust backfire and low RPM bucking/stumbling issue for several months and bought the CDI+ hoping that it would cure my issue. My original Bosch CDI unit was putting out about 150v at idle (measured with a direct voltage adapter) so I figured it was time for a replacement. Unfortunately, it did not cure my issue, however, the engine has a different tune to it at idle (sounds stronger) and under high load and WOT it absolutely screams! It feels like a completely different engine with the CDI+. I couldn't be happier. I finally bit the bullet and pulled my CIS and found a severely cracked and leaky air box. A replacement box (and other bits) are in the mail, and I can't wait to finally get my issues resolved. Thanks for putting together such a modern and elegant product! I am curious to find out more about some of the features available in the CDI+ software such as: tachometer smoothing, adaptive multi-spark and distributor input smoothing. I recently had my tachometer rebuilt by NHS but it still swings around more than I care for especially with high RPM shifts. I'm told this is normal and due to the large dial and the design of the internal movement. I am going to hook up the CDI+ to drive my tach and I'm wondering if the tachometer smoothing feature might settle my tachometer down a bit. Any details on these features would be greatly appreciated.

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